Extra Curricular Activities, also known as ECAs, are a very important part of our school. They are part of what sets CISS apart from other schools. All our teachers offer ECAs that they are passionate about, and the students participate in two ECAs per week. In PYP, the students can choose from soccer, Yoga, Spanish, dancing, painting by numbers, Chinese paper cutting, Chinese knot and … Continúa leyendo Pre-K ECA

Literacy Week at Kindergarten.

This week in our Kindergarten, we are celebrating “International Literacy Day”. If you are reading this, you might think that Literature is a very big word for a kindergarten student. As Dr. Allers has said in her post about the International Day of Literacy: “Literacy gives a person the ability to communicate effectively with others and to understand written information” Dr. Allers, Grade 3 Homeroom … Continúa leyendo Literacy Week at Kindergarten.

Our daily routine.

The first day of school seems far away, the tears are left behind. All the children are happy and adapted. It is very important to understand that this is a normal process in Pre-K and Kindergarten schooling. Children go from being in contact with a few people (mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, babysitter …), to being with completely unknown people and at unknown place.Parents often ask … Continúa leyendo Our daily routine.

First day of School!

Yesterday we had our first meeting with our Head of School / AKD Academic Superintendent Douglas K. Prescott. It was positive and motivating. These are difficult times after the coronavirus outbreak, but Mr. Prescott was able, with his words, to give us a great boost by reminding us why we are teachers. “I want you to fall in love”, “to fall in love with your … Continúa leyendo First day of School!

Patterns with music is fun!

As a kindergarten teacher I’m always trying to find ways to make learning a joyful activity. Not only because the kids in kindergarten are small, but also because as a teacher in IB school I am committed to guide the children discovering how can they became life long learners, and that in my opinion, can only happen if the children can connect and enjoy learning. … Continúa leyendo Patterns with music is fun!

Tricks to teach your child at home.

In Educational Psychology and pedagogy, we use the term “Chaining” when we are trying to teach children to break big tasks up into a list of small steps, like the links in a chain. For example, when you want to teach your child how to make a sandwich or how to tidy up toys, try to think of each step you take when you are … Continúa leyendo Tricks to teach your child at home.